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Easy Peasy Chevron Blanket (Free Pattern)

Now that I’ve sent my Chasing Diamonds Pattern to my testers I’ve been in limbo.

I don’t know if you’re the same, but I can’t sit still watching TV anymore! I find it so boring because I don’t know what to do with my hands 😂 Luckily, I’ve had a custom order for one of my chevron blankets which should keep me going while I have Netflix on in the background!

As I’ve been meaning to post a pattern / picture tutorial of my “go to” chevron blanket pattern for a while, I thought while I’m at it with my order, I can kill two birds with one stone and get the pattern up on here.

I’ve made a few of these in the last 6 months. They’re brilliant for a bit of stash busting and mindful crochet, and also work up really quickly …. it’s a win win!!

The pattern has been written using US Crochet terms.

If you can read a crochet pattern and complete basic crochet stitches you should have no problems with the pattern.

The tutorial can be used to make a blanket in any size you want and it’s the perfect stash busting project! I’ve even made scarves and cowls using the pattern as Christmas gifts last year.

The blankets pictured above was made using DK weight yarn and a larger than the recommended sized hook (5.5 mm/ H hook) which creates a light blanket that has a beautiful drape.

You are welcome to sell any blankets that you make from the pattern, however please don’t pass this pattern off as your own or adapt it in any way. Please also credit me as the designer by linking any listings to my Etsy shop or this blog.

Easy Peasy Chevron Blanket

What you’ll need:

• Double Knit (DK) yarn (the amount will be dependent on the size of blanket that you’re making..

• Size H Hook / 5mm

• Embroidery Scissors

• Darning Needle for weaving in your ends

Crochet Terms and Abbreviations (US Terms):

• DC – Double Crochet

• CH – Make a Chain

• St – Stitch

• SC – Single Crochet

• SK – skip a specified number of stitches

• Turn – turn your blanket and work in the opposite direction

• DC2tog – Double Crochet 2 stitches together, this is a decrease stitch:

Yarn over (YO) hook, insert hook in stitch(st) , pull up a loop, 3 loops on hook. YO hook, pull through 2 loops. YO hook insert in next st, pull up a loop, 4 loops on hook. YO, pull through 2 loops, 3 loops on hook. YO pull through last 3 loops. One dc2tog made.

• V St – make DC, CH 2, DC, in chain 2 space from previous row, this will create a peak for the top of the chevron pattern

• ( ) – repeat the instructions between the brackets the number of times (x) indicated.


Gauge is not important for this blanket but it is important to keep the same tension throughout.

Pattern Notes:

• The instructions given will enable you to make a blanket to your own specific size.. To change the size of the blanket you can increase or decrease your starting chain and make more or less rows.

The starting chain is a multiple of 11 + 10

e.g For a baby blanket I normally start with 121 chains

• The Chain 3 at the start of each row will count as a double crochet.

• You will find that the “ peaks” and “ valleys” at the beginning of the blanket will become more prominent the more rows you complete.

Easy Peasy Chevron Blanket Instructions

Make a multiple of 11 plus 10 chains

Row 1: SC in 2nd CH from hook [see the red arrow below] and in each CH across the row, turn your work at the end of the row

Row 2: CH 3 [counts as first DC of row here and throughout the pattern],

( 4 DC, CH2, DC in same St. [this creates your peak], 4 DC, SK 2 [this creates your valley]) repeat until end of row, turn.

The above picture shows the peak

The above picture shows the valley

Your finished 2nd row should look like this

Row 3: CH 3, DC2tog,

2 DC, (V St in CH 2 Space, 4 DC, SK 2, 4 DC) repeat across row until after the final V St [peak] of the row, where you will make, 2 DC, DC2tog, DC to top of CH 3 from previous row, turn.

V Stitch peak

SK 2 (valley)

End of row showing DC2tog after last V stitch peak

Row 4 and remaining rows: repeat row 3 until your blanket is your desired size.

To change colour, you will need to tie off your yarn at the end of the row you are working on, turn your work and attach the new yarn to the top of the CH 3 from the last completed row with a slip stitch and CH3 [counts as your first DC of this row].

You would then continue in pattern as specified in row 4.

To save yourself a lot of time at the end make sure that you weave in your yarn ends using a darning needle after completing each colour change! 😉

Enjoy and I would love to see your finished blankets!

Please tag me on Instagram using @mycrochetplace or by using the hashtag #easypeasychevronblanket

You are also more than welcome to contact me with any questions/ queries via the blog.

35 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Chevron Blanket (Free Pattern)

  1. About how many yards do you think would be used up in a small throw, about 52×60” ? I know my gauge might effect this a bit, but I figured I’d ask before I try swatching lol. Thank you!

  2. Hi, I’m really not sure. I’ve only ever made large blankets with this pattern using scrap yarn so I didn’t really keep track of yardage. I’m sorry that I can’t be of any more help ❤️

  3. It’s ok. I compared it to a blanket I made with dc shells and guesstimated just under 3000 yds. We’ll see how that goes lol. Can’t wait to make it!

  4. Hello and thanks so much for a great pattern, can you tell me what yarn you used? I want to try to get those colors and brand . Thanks again!

  5. Thank you Dorene 😊 The brand is Stylecraft double knitting yarn in parchment, storm blue, cypress and mocha.

  6. I don’t understand when you say multiples of 11+10 , could you explain please. Thank you

  7. Hi, you will need to chain a multiple of 11 stitches to get the width of the blanket that you want e.g. 22, 33, 44, 55 and then add an extra 10
    stitches on top of this e.g. if you’ve chained 88 you will need to add an extra 10 on top of this, 88 +10 = 98 stitches in total. Hope this helps, thanks Eleri x

  8. Hi Sarah, I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the pattern. I’ve previously left the blanket without a border but have also finished it off with a Simple round of HDC stitches (make 2 HDC stitches around the post of the sides of the blanket and 1 HDC in each stitch along the top and bottom, following the main pattern). I’ll write a blog post about it once I’ve finished off some commissions 😊

  9. Lovely blanket! Do you know approximately how long the starting chain should be for larger blankets? Say a large throw or a twin size bed blanket?

  10. Thank you! I’d probably chain 351 (11 x 31 plus 10) I’m working on a blanket that’s roughly half the chain count and it’s a lap sized blanket. Hope this helps 😊

  11. Thank you for sharing your pattern. I’m new to crochet and can’t wait to make this Afghan for my husband. But I have a question; what does “make a multiple of 11 + 10 chains” mean?? I want to start of right but can’t make sense of this.

  12. You’re welcome 😊 You will need to chain a multiple of 11 chains to create the width of your blanket e.g. for a small baby blanket make a chain of 99 (11 x 9 = 99) then add 10 chains to account for your chevron pattern (peaks and valleys) which would make a total starting chain of 109 chains. The plus 10 ensures that whatever your blanket width your chevron pattern will always work.

    I hope you enjoy the pattern 😊

  13. Hi! I am super excited to get started on this blanket…I’ve never crocheted before but seeing as I have nothing else to do whilst being locked away, I thought now would be the perfect time! I’m thinking of aiming for a lap size blanket. Do you have an idea of how much yarn I should buy? An overestimate should be fine as I’ll no doubt have plenty of time for more crocheting! Diolch x

  14. Hi Katrina, I’m excited for you! 😊 It depends how many colours you’re thinking of using but a pure guesstimate I would aim for about 500 – 600 grams. I’d also start with a chain of 189 (multiple of 11) or there about for a decent lap sized blanket. Pob lwc! 🥰

  15. Brilliant design. I am “chevron challenged”. This is getting me started. I’m very experienced but can’t do standard chevron. Edges get crooked. Thanks so much.

  16. Thank you 😊 I hope you find the pattern helpful. Any problems give me a shout and I’ll try and help.

  17. I absolutely love the colourways in top blanket (with the yarn in the basket). I’m a new ‘lockdown convert’ to crocheting. I wanted to try a chevron design so my sister suggested I try yours which I’m going to do. Would you mind sharing with me the colours and make of wool tha5 you used in the top blanket please? Thank you

  18. Aw thank you! Yes of course I don’t mind sharing 😊 I used Stylecraft special Dk in Storm blue, Sage, Lime, Meadow, Mocha, Gold, Parchment,
    Raspberry, Grape, Tomato. I think I might revisit this colourway again myself, I’d completely forgotten about it!

  19. Hi….I really need some sort of guide to amount of yarn needed to complete at least one size of the chevron blanket. I am an experienced crocheter but really bad at purchasing the right amount of yarn. Can you help? Suzy

  20. Hi Suzy, I’ve just finished one that measured 83 cm by 93 cm (using a 4.5 mm hook instead of a 5mm hook) in 4 colours (4 x 100 g of Stylecraft special dk). The foundation chain was 131. Hope this helps 😊

  21. Hi there I was just wondering if you DC2tog at the start and end of every row after row three? or just row three! Lovey Pattern by the way 🙂

  22. Hi, the pattern is a repeat of row 3, you will therefore repeat the instructions for this row until you finish your blanket 😊

  23. Hi. I want to make a baby blanket a bit bigger like 11×15 = 165. How many chains should I make? 175? I just don’t get it what you mean by + 10.

  24. Yes you should make 175 chains (the additional plus 10 is there to account for the initial SC row)

  25. In the part where it says : Row 2 4 DC, then ch 2, why does the picture of row 2 look like 5 DC THEN CH 2 ? ( I understand why it looks like 5 DC before the skip 2 because of the extra DC after the ch 2)

  26. I’m not quite sure what you mean?The row starts with a CH3 (the first picture) which is in place of a DC stitch, then 4 DC before CH2, that’s what I see in the second picture.

  27. Yes at the beginning of the row… but am I supposed to do the ch 3 after every skip 2? Thanks for you help

  28. After the sk2 you DC, you should have 4 dc going up each peak, dc ch2 dc at the peak, then 4 dc coming down then SK2 again. You repeat until last peak, then 4 DC to finish row.

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