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Granny Square Appreciation

I love granny squares!

It’s the first thing I attempted to crochet when I first picked up my hook back in 2016, and my appreciation of the versatility of a humble granny square is ever growing.

I love how you can incorporate textures and colours to create a project that looks modern or traditional, or incorporates both styles as I did in my Mishmash Granny Square Blanket seen below

So, if you’ve read this far it will be of no surprise to you that my current project involves a modern take on the good old granny square! 😂

I’ve been wanting to make myself a new blanket for ages, and I really like the look of a solid granny square. I was messing about with some Aran yarn and a 5.5mm hook one night and came up with this design:

The finished blanket pictured above is huge (it covers the top of my king sized bed lol!) so I also decided to write up a smaller version of the blanket too. As a result, I’ve ended up making 2 blankets and writing up 2 patterns in a week!!

I struggled to name the pattern, I think sometimes this is the hardest part!! Eventually I decided upon the “Chasing Diamonds Blanket”.

I’m sending the pattern to be tested later today and hopefully (all being well) I will be able to publish it on here as a free pattern next month … watch this space!

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to start a chevron blanket later today and spend some time with the kids (as it’s half term here).

Hope you have a lovely day too whatever you’re doing.

Eleri xx

4 thoughts on “Granny Square Appreciation

  1. Wow! Incredible blanket, must have been a challenge to match up those diamonds so perfectly. Love the smaller versions too. Enjoy time with the children and good weather. Ceinwen x

  2. Hi, yes the blanket is available either as a free pattern on my blog or you can purchase the pdf pattern from my Etsy shop. Thank you 😊❤️

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