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Mishmash Granny Square Blanket & Solid Granny Square Tutorial

It’s been a tough start to the year. One by one all 4 of the children have been ill with chicken pox so this blanket seems to have taken an age to finish!

As promised here is an update of my finished granny square blanket and as you can see it really is a mishmash. All the yarn (apart from an extra skein of cream I had to buy) is from my yarn stash! This is what I really love about granny squares ….. they’re perfect for stash busting makes!

I took these pictures pre washing and blocking, and it’s now ready to be gifted to my daughter for her birthday today.

It’s really pretty don’t you think?

In my last post I shared the links to the Patterns and techniques I’ve used or been inspired by to make this blanket but didn’t share a link to how I made the solid granny square.

I though I’d share a quick picture tutorial with you of how I make my squares … the way I make them may not be technically correct, but they always turn out fine!

Solid Granny Square Tutorial

I’ve US terms in this pattern:

DC – double crochet

CH – Chain

For my squares I used Stylecraft Double Knit (DK) yarn and a size 4 mm Hook.

You will also need a large eyed sewing needle and some embroidery scissors.

Make a slip knot, insert your hook into the knot and pull the tail end of your yarn to secure.

1) Chain 4 and make a slip stitch into the first chain to make a hoop.

2) Chain 5 (counts as 1 DC and CH2 for turning the corner), 3 DC into centre of loop, CH2 to make your second corner

Continue making your DC in the loop – 3 DC, CH2, 3 DC, CH2, 2 DC, slip stitch into 3 chain of starting chain (indicated by arrow below).

Round 2:

Slip stitch into chain 2 space, CH3 (counts as first DC of round), 1 DC, CH2, 2 DC in chain 2 space

DC in next 3 stitches, (2 DC, CH2, 2 DC) in chain 2 space

Continue making DC in the 3 stitches following each corner and making 2 DC, CH2, 2 DC, in each corner until you get to your starting chain 3 of round. Slip stitch into top of this chain to complete your second round.

Slip stitch into next stitch

Round 3:

CH3 (remember this counts as your first DC of this round), Make 2 DC, chain 2, 2 DC into chain 2 space.

Make 1 DC into each stitch across and repeat 2 DC, CH2, 2 DC in chain 2 space until you reach your starting Chain 3.

Slip stitch into the top of your chain 3 to finish the round.

At the end of Round 3 you should have:

7 DC along each side and 2 DC, CH2, 2 DC, in each corner.

You can continue in the same manner making more rounds, or add a new colour, the choice in endless! Go crazy with those colours and tag me on Instagram using #mycrochetinspo so I can see your beautiful squares 🙂

When you’re happy with your square, tie off your yarn and weave in your ends.

I hope you’ve found this little tutorial helpful!

Until next time … happy hooking! 😉

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