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A big Hello from me and thanks for joining me on my crochet journey and reading my first blog post!

If you follow me over on Instagram @mycrochetplace you’ll know that I’m completely in love with crochet and have an obsession for colourful stash busting projects.

I’m so excited, and can’t wait to start sharing my makes and crochet patterns with you! 

Beautiful Things Come Together one Stitch at a Time!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a special birthday blanket for my daughter.

I knew it would have to be a stash busting project (my favourite) because I just can’t justify buying any more yarn!! (Seriously, the amount I have is embarrassing! ) I also knew that I really wanted to make a granny square blanket but couldn’t decide on exactly what kind of granny square to use!

I think I spent too much time on Pinterest looking for inspiration and it sent my head off in a bit of a spin!

I started off with making these rounds using a pattern I found by Cypress Textiles here

Then I started to get all panicky about having to deal with all those ends! I knew If I made over 100 of these rounds I would never get it done! LOL!

That’s why I ended up making some simple solid granny squares in various colours and edging them in cream , I thought making some plain cream ones would also look good.

I then I squared off my rounds with a cream border to match my solid granny squares.

I’m at the joining stage now, I found the tutorial by Patchwork Heart to be really useful and I would definitely use this joining technique again in the future!

I’m over half way through joining it all up now and I’m already pondering what kind of border I’ll go for! I’ll post an update when it’s done!

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